Beyond Italian: Bar Siena

RESTAURANT RATING FULL REVIEW Italian cuisine will always have an upper hand against any other type of food. Why? Because almost every dish is centered around some type of delicious carbohydrate with a nice portion of meat and/or cheese to go along with it. Screw the low carb diets. How can you enjoy some tasty Italian […]

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m.henry: More Like mmmm.henry

Restaurant Rating Full Review Business is booming for plenty of restaurants serving brunch in recent years. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Chicago where every Saturday and Sunday you will find restaurants that serve brunch jam packed with customers throughout the morning and afternoon. Several restaurants have even developed special brunch menus and deals […]

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Au Cheval: The Real Burger King

Restaurant Rating Full Review It certainly is one of the most hyped up restaurants in Chicago, but for good reason. Multiple publications including Bon Appetit and Food Network have declared Brendan Sodikoff’s Au Cheval burger as the best in America. To enjoy the king of burgers, one must brave wait times that can exceed three hours. While the […]

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