Meat The Best Loaf In America: Cap City Fine Diner and Bar

RESTAURANT RATING FULL REVIEW Columbus, Ohio is a huge test market for several chain restaurants due to demographics and politics that represent the population of America fairly well at this point in time. It is also the birthplace or headquarters of multiple well-known chains such as Max & Erma’s, Donatos, Bravo/Brio, Charley’s Subs, White Castle, Bob Evans, […]

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Cinco de Mayo 2017: Cafe El Tapatio

RESTAURANT RATING FULL REVIEW In America, Cinco de Mayo means enjoying Mexican food and sipping on (or gulping down) a few (or several) margaritas. However, Cinco de Mayo, which translates into May 5th in Spanish, is extremely misunderstood and is actually not Mexico’s independence day. Mexico celebrates its independence day on September 16th while Cinco […]

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